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Fallout Shelter MOD 1.13.9 Inventory Bug Fixed

  • версия:1.13.9
  • Обновить: Apr 17, 2018
  • размер: 25.21 MB
  • Требовать Android: Android 2.3 and up
  • разработчик: bethesda-softworks-llc
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  • Цена: 0

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All Resources Increased Instead Of Decrease.

Описание Fallout Shelter MOD 1.13.9 Inventory Bug Fixed

Fallout Shelter MOD APK is finally arrived on title offer sufficient content without the obstacles are required online interactions was income housing a harming overview fallouts desecrate wasteland although followed shelter doesnt focus on the single player narrative that the Follow franchise is known for it does offer an ample amount a player choice you play the game as the overseer your very own fault here youll be given the option is specialized roles for your walter, select the equipment with interchangeable armor and weapons and selectively repopulate an expander inhabitants at the start of the game the overseers introduce 2 3 resource cages food water and power all of which have the possibility to affect your inhabitants health radiation levels and work efficiency the inherent goal of maintaining your both peoples. Fallout Shelter MOD APK is for Unlimited money cash gems Offline play. well as well being is to achieve a higher happiness and expand your population this is the game in a nutshell and thankfully easy to get swept up in the characterized adaptation in the wasteland its evident that this game shares the DNA a follower with the trade my Bold boy giving the players hint in notable enemies making an appearance like red roaches and Waste Land Raiders.this is all shown in a 2d to 3d side perspective that changes the player choose zoom in or out to various rooms despite the apparent simplicity in gameplay follow children is relatively new ones needs constant world is I the weight frequently nice players to check collected resources for instance sense constant alerts and theres always the possibility of being overrun by attacking raiders or quickly diminishing resources micro-management is the name of the game.A Great way to enjoy. Whats In The MOD APK:
All Resources Increased Instead Of Decrease.

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